Cedar Springs Public Schools
Cedar View Elementary
4th and 5th grade students

Cedar View is a 4th and 5th grade school with 540 students. We have the need for mentors to support students in a variety of ways. Our free-reduced lunch population has grown by over 10% in the last 5 years. Our students are coming from more difficult home situations than ever before.

We are looking for caring, respectful, and responsible adults who have a heart for kids and are first and foremost, interested in helping our students become better people.

Some of the needs we have in our current population are mentors who are willing to:

  • Read 1 on 1
  • Work through math problems with a student
  • Play board games with a student
  • Do physical activities/sports with a student
  • Explore technology with a student
  • Be willing to flex and go with whatever the child might need that day
  • Work on arts/crafts with a student
  • Explore music with a student

More than anything else, we need positive adult role models. Those who will show students how to be a good person and will care for these kids. More and more research shows students will be most successful when they can identify numerous adults in the school setting who care about them and their future. That is the primary purpose we are looking for mentors to provide.

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