Going to the office supply store for you is a small glimpse of heaven. You thrive in an office environment, you can pull together a flurry of information and organize it. There is nothing that a Word document or Excel spreadsheet cannot solve. Or maybe you can fix the computer that runs Word and Excel, help desk is your thing. Whether it’s using a computer or fixing it, if any of these options sound appealing, you’re in the right spot.

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Administrative Assistant - Media TeamTechnical and SkilledDuring the weekVariesYou're going to love this opportunity if you love to juggle multiple tasks and keeping information moving between teammates. As the administrative assistant you'll help with scheduling and various tasks that will require some general computer skills.
Assistant ProducerTechnical and SkilledMultipleflexibleExecute all transitions using ProPresenter software - display lyrics for songs, verse slides, play videos and much more!
Camera OperatorTechnical and SkilledSundayVariesNo prior experience necessary. The camera operators film the teaching pastor from the sound booth (back of the sanctuary). You'll get to work with a team of people who help us broadcast the message of Jesus to the world!
Check-in AssistantTechnical and SkilledSundayVariesArrive early to check in kids to Children
Foster Family Initiative Meeting Media AssistanceTechnical and SkilledMultipleMonthlyAssists with running powerpoint presentations, playing DVDs, music, etc for the Foster Familiy Initiative's monthly meeting.
Lighting TechnicianTechnical and SkilledWednesdayVariesSupport the service by running the lighting board as part of the production team
Lighting TechnicianTechnical and SkilledMultipleFlexibleExecute lighting transitions as well as program light board.
Office AssistantsTechnical and SkilledVariesflexibleGeneral office, data entry, phones, stocking office supplies
Stage ManagerTechnical and SkilledSaturdayResponsible for organizing the stage for FX Shows. Communicates timing, prop placement, actors, costumes etc.
Sunday OfficeTechnical and SkilledSundayonce per monthAssist Front desk receptionist with general duties and greeting
Vehicle MaintenanceTechnical and SkilledVariesonce weekMaintaining of vehicles, interior clean and check fluid levels
Visuals TechnicianTechnical and SkilledSundayVariesSupport the service by running a simple computer program the presents slides and service audio
Visuals TechnicianTechnical and SkilledWednesdayVariesSupport the service by running a simple computer program the presents slides and service audio