You care about people, deeply. You want to help people through life change, from making meals, to praying, visiting with them. Or maybe you want to be an intercessory for Sunday mornings. If this is you, we have the perfect fit for you in Hope and Support.

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Foster Family Initiative Journey Bag Prep and DeliveryHope and SupportMultipleVariesPrepares journey bags by assembling age appropriate items (pajamas, underwear, toiletries, bible, toys) in a backpack. Opportunities exist to deliver these bags to a family receiving a new or emergent placement.
Foster Family Initiative Meals Prep and DeliveryHope and SupportMultipleVariesOpportunities exist to prepare and freeze meals to have on hand for new or emergent placements. Also opportunities exist to deliver a meal (that you prepare or one frozen for Foster Family Initiative) to family receiving a new or emergent placement.
Foster Family Initiative Meeting Meal PreparationHope and SupportMultipleVariesAcquires or prepares meal for the monthly Foster Family Initiative meeting.
Foster Family Initiative Meeting Prep and Clean UpHope and SupportMultipleMonthlyMake coffee, set up refreshments, table decor, etc for the Foster Family Initiative's Monthly Meeting. Required to be at church 45 minutes prior to meeting and 20 minutes after meeting to clean up.
Foster Family Initiative Respite Care ProviderHope and SupportMultipleVaries A loving caregiver of a child who is in foster care. Provides care for various situations requiring only a few hours to possibly a few days. Required to be agency approved for the specific child.
Foster Family Initiative TransportationHope and SupportMultipleVariesTransports a foster child to various appointments and then returns them home afterwards. Requires agency approval as well as your own vehicle with proof of insurance and registration.
Hospital VisitationHope and SupportVisits people in the hospital and provides care and prayer support.
Life Group Activity CoordinatorHope and SupportComes up with activities for the Life Group
Life Group HostHope and SupportHosts the Life Group meetings
Life Group LeaderHope and SupportLeads the Life Group
Local Impact - Grocery DeliveryHope And SupportVariesVariesDelivery groceries to families in the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates.
Nursing Home VisitationHope and SupportEither lead or assist nursing home services
Prayer Team MemberHope and SupportPray for the needs of the church family
Shut In VisitationHope and SupportVisits home bound people