You know that feeling…the desire to be part of something bigger. Did you know that God wired you that way? Yeah, it’s as if He made you for developing meaningful relationships with others while serving Him. Hmmm…well, if that desire is part of your DNA, placed there by God, then let’s do something together.

Serving together is fun, rewarding, and builds friendships – so why wait?


If you’ve been talking with a ministry leader and/or know exactly what it is you would like to do, click here. We will get your information to the right person and get you started in ministry.


Start here if you aren’t quite sure what is available and you would like to browse the options first. We break them down into 8 categories of interest to help you find your perfect fit. Click here and we’ll get started.


So you’re the person who will help wherever. You’ve seen what this church is all about and you’re willing to go wherever you are needed. Perfect! We have highlighted a few roles that could really use your help. Click here to see what’s available.