Welcome to God’s Family!

Congratulations on accepting the best gift of all! Your decision to strengthen your personal relationship with Christ is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior is only the beginning of the Christian Life journey. The promises and blessings God has for you are waiting to be claimed; but, you can’t claim and experience them if you don’t know about them. The good news is that when you know how to receive what God has for you, the devil won’t be able to keep you miserable, lonely, or depressed.

You are now part of a huge family. As your new family, it is our desire to assist you in any way we can, to put you at ease, and to welcome you home. To help you build your new faith muscles, we would like to provide you with some materials to guide you through the next steps of your adventure:

  • Read the “Your New Life” 31-day devotional which was created by Pastor Duane Vander Klok to guide you through the first month of your new adventure.
    • This devotional was created with your new life in mind; topics provided include: A New Creation in Christ, Water Baptism, Renewing Your Mind, The Word of God, Forgiveness, and Orthropraxy – Doing what you believe. Enjoy this devotional and your new voyage, and know that you are not alone.
  • If you haven’t received Christ as your Saviour and you’d like to take that step, you can pray with Pastor Doug.
  • Read the Bible and Pray – Set aside time each day to focus on God and His Word.
  • Go to Church – Every believer needs the community of other believers.
  • Be Baptized – Baptism is a public confession of your faith in Jesus Christ and an important step for every believer. Sign up for our Baptism class to learn more.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit to live an impacting life in Christ. Hear Pastor Doug share more about this experience.
  • Grow in your relationship with God – We have classes to help you.
  • Serve – God has given you a gift to share. Shine your light in our world. Find out about some opportunities.
  • Prayer – A community of fellow believers cares for one another. If you would like someone to pray with you, please contact us or call the church office at Resurrection Life Church Rockford, (616)-866-3377

God bless you!