We believe that baptism is an important step of obedience for children who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. When your child is ready to be baptized, we want to invite you to attend our family birthday celebration! This is a special service where we celebrate the decisions children have made to put their trust in Jesus as the Lord of their lives.


Our “We Believe” baptism class is designed to give kids and parents the tools necessary to have a meaningful conversation about what it means to put your faith in Jesus Christ as your savior. Attendance is required in order to be considered for baptism.


After you attend the “We Believe” class, if your child is ready, we will get them signed up for baptism. (If they are not quite ready, we will send you home with some “homework.” This is a great opportunity to open a discussion about faith and what Baptism means.) If they are moving forward with baptism, we encourage you to guide them in writing a brief description of why they decided to trust Jesus, using their own words. They will have an opportunity to share this with the audience before they are baptized, if they wish. If they are not comfortable enough to read it themselves, Pastor Tim can read it on their behalf.

You will receive a phone call or email to follow up as the baptism service day approaches. We will be asking how many people will be attending with you. This will help us plan for our cake and punch reception. Please feel free to invite family members and friends to share in this exciting event with you.

Get Baptized

Our Baptism service will be held following the last regular daytime service on Baptism Sunday. This Family Celebration is an incredible event. Our hope is that this will be a highly memorable event in your child’s life.

You and your invited guests will then continue the celebration with our cake and punch reception, during which we will present baptism certificates, pray for the kids as a group, and give a small gift as a reminder of their faith and this big day.
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Child Dedication | Infant/Toddler

For children younger than first grade, we strongly encourage parents to dedicate their child to Christ. To learn more about child dedication, click here.

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