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Being baptized is one of the most empowering experiences that any Christian can take part in. Christ was baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit at the outset of his public ministry. As you follow His command to be baptized, we believe God will enable you to shut the door on your past and begin to serve him in a powerful new way.

* Video Testimonies are only filmed for adults who are baptized. There are no video testimonies filmed for children getting baptized.

For those who are in the ninth grade or older, there is an adult baptism class in preparation for Baptism Sunday. Our video production staff will coordinate a time with you to record your Life Changing Story. If you’re ready to take this important step, sign up today!

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Life Changing Stories

The decision to be baptized comes as a response to the love and grace of God as he works in a person’s heart and mind. Click the button below to view the stories of lives that have been changed through their encounter with – and their obedience to – God.

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