Tithe & Offerings

We give as an act of our worship to Jesus for what He has done in our lives. But what if you’re like many people who don’t carry a checkbook or cash? Online giving is the solution for you! It’s safe, convenient and easy.

We’re happy you are supporting what God is doing here at Rockford Res and we want to make sure your gift has the largest impact possible. Because the convenience of online giving comes with some associated bank fees, we want to empower you with this information so that you can make the best decision for your financial contribution. To minimize the impact of the fees, we recommend that each member uses the Electronic Check (eCheck or ACH) option instead of credit or bank cards; however we do offer both for your convenience. Use the calculator provided to help determine the net amount the church will receive for any gift you may give.

Getting started is easy! Before you begin creating an account you’ll want to grab your checkbook. It contains your routing and checking account number.

Giving Calculator

Giving Amount: $

Payment Method
Cash/Check (on Sunday)
Electronic Check
Credit/Bank Card

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Do I pay the fees to give online?

You do not pay any additional amount to give online. Whatever dollar amount you enter will be recognized as your donation. The church covers the bank fees; however, you are welcome to add to your gift to offset the fees if you desire.

Can I set up a recurring gift?

Yes. Simply sign in to your account (or create one) and select “Recurring Gift” instead of “One Time Gift.” From there you can select how often (weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, etc) and when to begin and end the recurring gift.

Can I change my recurring gift?

At any time you can log in and change your recurring gift by clicking “Manage Recurring.”

Can I track my giving for the year?

The Online Giving portal will allow you to see any contribution made online. Any gift made through cash or check will be combined on your year end giving statement that will be sent to you from the church office.

Can I just give one time?

Yes. You can choose to create an account and give once, or choose “anonymous donation.” If you choose the anonymous donation option, you won’t get credited on your year end giving statement, but Jesus saw it!

Can I post a recurring donation to the general fund as well as the building project?

Yes. When setting up your gift, select the amount for each fund before proceeding to select the frequency of the gift.

How do I participate in the weekly offering if my contribution is automatically processed online?

You can still participate in the offering during the service in several ways; instead of hurriedly writing your check, you can just focus on singing and praising God, or maybe you could take a moment to tell your neighbor that you give online and how that is working out for you.