What Child Dedication is:

  • A public declaration of accepting the spiritual responsibility to raise your child in Christ.
  • The first step in partnering with the church in raising your child in Christ.

This is a time to reflect on what actions you can take that will have the greatest impact on your child’s future. It is our hope that we can partner with you from the very beginning of your child’s spiritual journey to make a powerful impact on your children’s lives. It is important to remember that what happens at home will strongly influence your child; so what is learned in church should echo in the home as much as possible. No one has more influence on your child than you and, combined with the church, we can make a powerful impact.

What Child Dedication is not:

  • This event is not infant baptism.
  • This ceremony does not guarantee your child’s salvation. That is a personal decision they will make when they are old enough to understand what Jesus has done for them on the cross.

The Child Dedication process:

1. Attend a Child Dedication Class.

  • Unless you are a single parent, we strongly encourage both parents attend this class.
  • We will introduce you to Main Street, an environment created for children who are ages 6 weeks to Kindergarten.
  • We will give information you will need for the Child Dedication Sunday.

2. Be scheduled for a specific Child Dedication service.

  • After it’s been determined that you are in alignment with Rockford Res’ standards to participate in a Child Dedication Sunday, you will be scheduled in an upcoming service.
  • We will contact you with the specific service time on that Sunday.

Who needs to register?

Anyone who wants to dedicate a child in a Child Dedication Service needs to register; both those who need to attend the class and those who have already attended.

Upcoming Classes

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