There have been many attempts made to help both adults and children understand the wisdom and knowledge of The Bible. For many of us, we remember struggling with the King James version when we were kids, wondering who exactly “thou” was, among other things.

Well, there’s a great new way to engage your children with the wonderful stories of the Bible, using today’s technology to share the wisdom of the ages! We encourage you to take a minute to check out the free, interactive, kid-safe sites below and introduce them to your children. It’s never too early to get them started!


Superbook Kids

The Superbook Kids site is heavily game and activity driven, with contests and interactive question and answer scenarios that really challenge kids to think about all the great stuff they are learning.

The Superbook site is offered by The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and is based on their animated storytelling program that began in Japan many years ago and has spread around the world, now reimagined in an interactive, app-based format.


iOS Download: Download Superbook Kids for iPhone/iPad
Android Download: Download Superbook Kids for Android


The Bible App for Kids

This is the one you may have heard Pastor Doug talking about.

The Bible App (offered by YouVersion and One Hope ministries) is an animated storybook app for smartphones and tablets, compete with colorful illustrations with touch-activated animations. In addition to the core story-telling, there are related games and activities to help kids remember what they learn.

Kids interact with The Bible, and see it come to life!


iOS Download: Download The Bible for Kids for iPhone/iPad
Android Download: Download The Bible for Kids for Android