Friday evenings: 7 – 9:30 pm, Saturdays: 9 am – 4:30 pm

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Do you have some “stuff” that’s holding you back from living the life Christ has had planned for you all along? We all have experienced different struggles, bad habits, or destructive patterns that hold us back. We have good news! It’s possible to break free from your old ways and experience freedom in Christ. Learn how to overcome your personal struggles by attending this workshop where practical, progressive steps are given that help you break the bonds of old habits and live out your new identity in Christ.

You would benefit from this class if:

  • You have an unwanted pattern, behavior or thought and cannot seem to get past it.
  • You are carrying wounds from your past and have not experienced the healing Jesus came to bring.
  • Something is holding you back from having a greater relationship with Jesus.

Key topics of discussion will be:

  • Winning the battle for your mind
  • Managing your emotional life
  • Experiencing the freedom of forgiveness
  • Understanding your position, protection, authority, and vulnerability as a believer
  • To continue your life with a sense of peace and freedom that only Christ can bring

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